A helping hand in time of need

Years ago a great number of displaced people settled in Eastern Europe, for the most part in countries that became part of the Soviet Union. Their descendants are still living in those lands and today many of them have a desire to relocate to their homeland.

However financial hardship means they are often unable to afford to make that move. So for many years we have worked with individuals and families doing what we can to assist them in getting home.

We raise funds for their relocation costs and once they arrive at their chosen destination our humanitarian aid service provides practical supplies to help them in their new lives.

Shekinah Passports

We produce token 'Passports' which we sell to raise funds for this project. We have been doing this successfully for many years. When you purchase a Shekinah Passport every penny goes directly towards the cost of relocating an individual or family.

Purchase a Passport

This is a popular project with our supporters. The price of a Passport is £150. However we do understand that some people may wish to help but cannot afford to buy a passport outright so we also provide the option to pay by monthly installments

Every penny counts

Alternatively if you wish to donate more than £150 for your Passport you can set your own price on it. Your generous gift will go a long way in helping someone in need to get home.