PRNTN Word for the Month – July 2017

Posted Monday July 03, 2017 by Shekinah Legacy

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Prophetic Revelation: Networking the Nations

Word for the Month: July 2017

“Like a bridge over troubled water I will lay me down”

I was reflecting on the words of this song and thought of the suffering of the people of Grenfell tower block in London where many lives were lost because of a major fire. A host of celebrities (musicians) gave themselves away, by giving up their time and money to raise funds for the sake of the people who were, and are, in troubled water. That is the gospel in one word.

They went back to the source of loving kindness, binding up broken hearts and setting captives free. Surely this must encourage us all in this horrible time that we are witnessing; the secular laid a bridge that had huge unity. God is changing the system, surely there is a lesson for us to go back to the source of what we are commanded to do. This group of musicians did this out of their hearts, not judgement.

In 2 Kings 4v26 the Shulmanite women went to search for the source. Elisha had prophesied that she would have a child, his heart touched her heart and it came to pass. When Elisha asked if she was alright the words were, “It is well, everything is alright”, but the child was sick and she needed another touch from the source, another miracle. Elisha went and laid on the child and raised him from the dead. The source had performed a miracle. In 2 Kings 8 Elisha tells the woman to leave the land they were in as there was to be a famine. After seven years she returned to ask the king for her land back. She was given complete restoration.

Let’s pray that when we go back to the source, all will be well, and that everything will be restored back to the people of Grenfell tower block, if we are prepared to search our hearts and give ourselves away for the sake of the kingdom.

Penny Ianson
Leader PRNTN