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Other Projects

LogoMinority RescueTackling Global Antisemitism
Most of us are aware of the increase in antisemitic incidents close to home, yet the conditions many Jews living further afield endure on a daily basis are drastically worse, though tragically ignored by the world media.

In a land torn apart by war life is hard enough – bank accounts are frozen, electricity is often available for only an hour or two and fresh water can be even more restricted.

So imagine having to then deal with an angry, violent mob forcing their way into your home before demanding you and your entire family leave with just the clothes on your back.

When the authorities either don’t care, or may even be involved in these illegal acts, who do you turn to?

Finding yourself with no home, no money, and more than likely several hungry mouths to feed in the middle of a bitterly cold Eastern European winter are circumstances all too familiar for countless Jews.

Minority Rescue (M.R.) was set up to help tackle this problem head on, with a unique approach…

Supporting a humanitarian effort can sometimes seem like an endless task, but the objective of M.R. is different!

Unlike many charities who spend large portions of donated funds on wages, admin or costly PR campaigns, 100% of finances donated to M.R.. go directly to those people that so urgently need it.

£100 per month, over a short six month period will see the successful evacuation and relocation to Israel of an entire family, with all the necessary food, shelter, transportation and education needed along the way.

Working with a network of organisations who possess years of experience, combined with specialist skills and resources, has to date seen thousands upon thousands of Jewish families and individuals saved.

When you support M.R. you’ll receive specific details of the family you’re helping, along with a report allowing you to track their progress from start to finish.

Of course £100pm is just an example – any donation will be gratefully received and you’ll still be allocated a specific family so as follow their journey.

So get involved today and encourage a few friends to do the same – your donation can literally be the difference between life and death.

For more information visit: www.operationaliyah.org

AdoptaFamily(Website)Adopt a FamilyThe Shekinah Legacy’s new Project for 2014
Matthew 25: 35-40

The Shekinah Legacy feel that God is calling us to rescue and adopt a Jewish Family from Eastern Ukraine/ Crimea who have become cut off from any Government support – isolated and alone.

Shekinah have linked up again with our friends from “Operation Aliyah”- the new, official UK charity wing of an organisation with 30 years experience working in FSU (Former Soviet union), rescuing literally thousands of Jewish families and individuals.

By first taking them to a place of safety where they are cared and loved for they are prepared and educated ready to be relocated to Israel, with all the required governmental administration, visas and passprts etc arranged.

Once there they are cared for and helped to settle into Israel’s society.

Operation Aliyah also supports families who want to stay In the Former Soviet Union, but lack support.

Can you adopt a family too for £100 per month? This can be done in many ways: Personally, Family, Church, or any other group you’re part of?

We’ll keep you informed by sending you details and photos of the specific family you are helping and your donation will see them settled into the safety of Israel as Quickly as possible.

And rest assured 100% of your donation will reach the people intended and The Shekinah Legacy does not take any administration costs.

Thank you for reading this appeal and God bless you!

The Shekinah Team

Shekinah1Ukraine Crisis

Can you donate? Every Little helps.

Click the link below for an Email we recieved today (July 28th 2014) from our Humanitarian aid Correspondant in Ukraine. Please read here.

aliyahSupporting Aliyah
For over 100 years the Jewish people have been making aliyah (returning to the land of their forefathers) from the four corners of the globe. This in itself is a fulfilment of Bible prophecy (Isaiah 43:5-7; 49:12,22; Jeremiah 23:7-8; Ezekiel 37:21-22). The Trust wants to support ministries who are enabling Jewish people to return and settle in their homeland.

humanitarianHumanitarian Aid

There are many in the Land of Israel who “fall through the cracks” – for whom there is no one to come alongside offering love, help and support. The Trust wants to undergird the work of those who are reaching out with practical care to the poorest of the poor throughout the nation…who by their actions fulfil the words of the Lord Jesus in Matthew 25:27-40.

holocaustSupporting Holocaust Survivors

As each year passes this aging section of Israel’s population decreases in size. In their youth they witnessed and suffered so much…things that most of us cannot even begin to imagine. Many live with the emotional, mental and often physical pain of their early life experiences. The Trust wants to work with those who believe that the language of God’s love speaks louder than words and is a healing balm. (Isaiah 40:1-2).

Equipping The Body Of Messiah

In the last 50 years the number of Jewish Believers in Yeshua/Jesus in the Land of Israel – and overseas – has grown slowly but steadily. Some of these fellowships are relatively large and self-supporting, but many are small. Some have been experiencing steady, and at times severe persecution. The Trust wants to see these brothers and sisters equipped to fulfil their calling to be salt and light in Israeli society in the 21st century.