Israel Prayer Points – July 2017

Posted Monday July 03, 2017 by Shekinah Legacy

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“Behold He who keeps (watches over) Israel will neither slumber nor sleep.” Psalm 121:4 “The Lord will arise and have mercy on Zion for the time, the set time to favour Zion has come. For the LORD will build up Zion and then He will appear in His Glory.” Psalm 102-13-16

  1. Big Increase in building construction despite the attempts of enemies to prevent and tear down. Construction is snowballing in every city and town throughout the land. The sound of bulldozers, ground breakers, trucks rolling in with heavy loads of concrete and marble, hammers and drills. In those natural sounds is the spiritual sound of the Messiah’s return. Pray for continuance.
  2. Protest against Al Quds march in London on 18 June which has caused a petition to be launched asking for Hezbollah to be banned in the UK. So far 8,000 signatures. Pray for its success.
  3. Nations heed the warning against support for terrorism: Denmark has frozen $8M in Palestinian NGO funding. Pray for more.
  4. Worsening relations between the US and the PA – because the US is more pro-Israel. Pray the US stands its ground and the futile attempts of the “peace process” will end.
  5. Improved relations between Saudi Arabia and Israel and division between Sunni and Shi’ite Muslims. Pray for these relations to develop and for widening division in the Muslim world.
  6. Thwarting of recent cyber-attack on Israeli hospitals and the work of Shin Bet to prevent 2,000 terror attacks since the beginning of 2016 due to cyber-security efforts. Pray for cyber-security.
  7. Security of all borders – recent missile exchange in Golan Heights and also on Gaza border. Iran and its allied militias, already in control of south Lebanon, are trying to cement a beachhead in Syria. The threat of war increases. Pray for quick and decisive IDF responses to every incident. Pray for government wisdom on all fronts. Pray for increased angelic protection over all borders.
  8. PM Netanyahu and his government Pray for them to be united, to stand their ground and be alert and wise in all the decisions they have to make. Pray for international relations.
  9. Increased anti-semitism in the UK. Corbyn is a friend of Hamas and the Mayor of London refuses to outlaw Hezbollah. The UK’s High Court has ruled that the government acted unlawfully in attempting to restrict boycotts on Israel by local councils. In other words, local councils have the right to allow and therefore support boycotts! Pray our government maintains a pro-Israel stance.
  10. Aliyah Continue to pray that multitudes of Jews in the UK and every nation will hear GOD whistling (Zechariah 10:8) for them to go home to the Promised Land.
  11. Galilee at very low water level –worst May since 1920 – and much of summer still to come.

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