Israel Prayer Points – December 2017

Posted Thursday December 07, 2017 by Shekinah Legacy

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Israel – “a land for which the Lord your God cares; they eyes of the Lord your God are always on it, from the beginning of the year to the very end of the year” Deuteronomy 11:12

Praise that Israel is a magnificent nation, the only democracy in the region, thriving and leading in technology,
medicine, art, agriculture, science, drip irrigation, dairy farming and more. Prophecies are being fulfilled. She is first
to help other nations in trouble (if they accept it). Relations with Africa are improving. The shekel is now the 2nd
strongest currency in the world and the economy is booming
The biblical feasts and the Sabbath are kept.

Rain However, the country is in deep sin. Corruption, murder, immorality, idolatry, practice of other faiths, atheism,
and more. Israel is in a drought physically and spiritually. According to Deut. 11:10-14 rain depends on obedience to
God’s command to love Him. Stand with the church in Israel to repent of sin and ask for mercy and forgiveness so
that rain and revival will come.

“We’re Still Jews” Campaign If a Jew becomes a believer in Israel their status changes – they are no longer officially a
Jew. All other religions are acceptable to the Ministry of Immigration. Pray for favour, publicity and success.

Elderly and Disabled Many are still struggling in poverty. Continue to pray that their voice is heard and justice is done

Hanukkah (12-20 Dec) May the true light shine into Jewish hearts as they celebrate this miracle.

Aliyah Jesus cannot return until this is completed. So far this year 24,000 Jewish people from the nations have
emigrated, especially from Turkey (double from last year). Pray for more while there is still time.

Border security An attempt to smuggle explosive material into Gaza was thwarted by the Israeli Crossing Authority
A member of Hamas’ military wing was captured after he entered Israel from Gaza and has provided information
about their tunnelling operations. Israel fired on Hamas and Islamic Jihad positions in Gaza in retaliation for mortar shells fired on soldiers working in southern Israel.
Praise for Israel’s success in combating these threats.

Preparation for a multi-front war which seems inevitable. Pray for Government, IDF leaders, Intelligence and
Security, for great wisdom, clarity of mind, unity, planning, strategies, intuition, discernment, deciphering, covering
of spies, cyber warfare, positioning of submarines and other weapons. Pray for civilians and hospitals to be ready
and for the fear of Israel’s God to descend upon all enemies. Remind God of His covenant promises.

The UK joined the US and Canada in opposing an anti-Israel resolution sponsored by Syria at the UN which
condemned Israel for not giving the Assad regime control over the Golan Heights. Pray that this will signal the start
of a more favourable position towards Israel from Britain at the UN.

The EU Praise that 60 members of the European Parliament called for EU funding of BDS to stop. Pray it happens.

The US may recognise Jerusalem as the capital of Israel this week and move their Embassy there – that would change
foreign policy and could inflame tensions in the Middle East. Pray for God’s will and timing – and protection.

Alliance with Saudi Arabia who are also very keen to prevent Iran from obtaining nuclear weapons. So far only Egypt and Jordan have made peace with Israel. Pray for wisdom and discernment in this relationship .

Africa Israel is to open an embassy in Rwanda. Pray for ties with African nations to grow stronger.

Sources: Christians United For Israel, JNN News, Intercessors for Israel, Carmel Alert, Bible

Notes on Israel Prayer Points for December 2017

1 The Economist has featured an excellent piece by Benjamin Netanyahu in which the Israeli PM explains
how people everywhere are benefitting by the nation’s technology and innovation.

2 The campaign is seeking to get the law changed and correct the impression that accepting Yeshua
changes your religion. Only Christianity is not acceptable. A change of law will set a precedent for all
Messianic Jews already living there and those that are yet to come.

3 Despite a small rise in benefits many of the elderly do not know their rights and live in abject poverty.
Others don’t speak the language and are afraid of involvement with the endless bureaucracy, meetings,
forms and time that it takes to get anything done in Israel. The disabled have been demonstrating but now,
police are issuing fines for each demonstrator that interferes with the flow of traffic or business as usual.

4 The attempt was foiled thanks to a new, advanced chemistry laboratory that was set up in recent
weeks at Israel’s Kerem Shalom crossing with Gaza. Advanced technology permits experts to precisely
identify substances which could benefit terror groups in the enclave.

5 “The investigation of Ahmad Avid once again revealed Hamas’s terror activities, using tunnels to advance
terrorist activity against Israel,” the army said. He was indicted on 23 October 2017 at the Beersheba
District Court on “serious” security-related charges.

6 The attack appeared to be retaliation for the army demolishing a tunnel which stretched from Gaza into
Israel a month ago. There were no injuries. The IDF said it was not looking to escalate the security situation
in the Gaza and would only conduct further attacks in response to aggression.
PM Netanyahu said “We are so grateful that Israel has basically won its war against the threat of internal
terrorism. May all the nations that blasted Israel’s attempt to defend its citizens, who are now coming to
Israel, seeking help for their own war against terror at least have the courage to apologize to Israel for all
the wicked things they accused us of.”

7  The British representative said “The duty of the General Assembly is to draw attention to international
humanitarian law violations, wherever they occur. This resolution risks discrediting that vital responsibility.”
The resolution passed with 105 in favour, 6 against and 58 abstentions. Israel is repeatedly condemned
and singled out, while no such condemnation is applied to the PA, Hamas or Islamic Jihad or other human
rights abusers such as Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Venezuela, China, Cuba, Pakistan or Zimbabwe.”

8 The cross party group urged the EU to marginalize, both financially and politically, organizations such as
BDS that are increasingly becoming a virulent source in the spread of anti-Semitism and anti-Zionism under
the pretence of exercising freedom of speech and association. The move is spearheaded by representatives from Romania, Lithuania and Germany.

9 Shared concern with Sunni Arab nations over the growing might of Shiite Iran could cause a diplomatic
reconfiguration across the Middle East. IDF Chief of staff Gadi Eisenkot declared in a rare interview with an
Arab outlet that Israel was prepared to cooperate with Saudi Arabia to face Iran’s plans “to control the
Middle East.” Saudi Arabian Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman said that Iranian leader Ali Khamenei
was “the new Hitler of the Middle East, who needs to be confronted. We learned from Europe that
appeasement doesn’t work. We don’t want the new Hitler in Iran to repeat what happened in Europe in the
Middle East.” Meanwhile top Saudi officials have paid a friendly visit to a Paris synagogue.