Israel Prayer Points – April 2017

Posted Monday April 03, 2017 by Shekinah Legacy

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“Oh that the salvation of Israel would come out of Zion! When God brings back the captivity of His people, let Jacob rejoice and Israel be glad.”
Psalm 53:6 1.

  1. Praise that the USA, the UK and Israel are standing up to the UN and exposing their anti-Israel bias. The US has threatened to pull out of the UNHRC if bias continues. The UK have put them “on notice”, threatening to vote against all resolutions concerning Israel until there is change. Boris Johnson spoke out against the UNHRC after it condemned Israel’s bombing of Hezbollah positions in the Golan Heights. Israel has cut funding to the UN after recent anti-Israel resolutions were passed. It is redirecting the funds to help the poor in developing countries.
    Pray that both the UK and the US will defund and cease to stand with the UN while there is anti-Israel bias.
  2. Praise for the increased pro-Israel stance of the US administration. They have introduced bipartisan bills against boycotts of Israel. They are seriously considering the move of their embassy to Jerusalem but there are international risks involved.
    Pray for wisdom and determination for the US government
  3. Praise for terror attempts thwarted every day Security forces uncovered three secret weapons factories across Judea and Samaria recently.
    Pray for the continued protection of the Israeli people.
  4. Praise for nationwide media exposure of ‘One for Israel’ evangelistic video ministry during Purim.
    Pray for more!
  5. Threats from Enemies Hezbollah have advanced weapons systems embedded across 10,000 locations in 200+ civilian towns and villages. This war crime which would cause civilian deaths is a strategy to limit Israel’s military response. The global media and Human Rights organisations are ignoring it. A call has been made to recruit tens of thousands of Fatah activists to rise up against Israel. Hamas acquires more rockets and threatens retaliation following the assassination of a senior Hamas official in Gaza.
    Pray that Israel will be prepared on all fronts.
  6. Iran’s regime remains the greatest of all threats to Israel. It funds Hamas, controls Hezbollah and supports Assad in Syria. If the US breaks the 2015 nuclear deal, which it may do, Iran will restore an even more advanced nuclear program.
    Pray that God will prepare and protect Israel and give wisdom to them and the USA.
  7. BDS Movement – the other most serious threat to Israel. The UNHRC is now the principal UN engine of BDS. More than a dozen USA states have passed legislation that prohibits state agencies from contracting with or investing in companies that boycott Israel.
    Keep praying for a complete victory against BDS efforts on university campuses, in business and industry, cultural circles etc. May it be outlawed everywhere.
  8. Judea and Samaria – Israel has agreed to restrict settlements at the US request but approved one to house some 40 families whose homes were cleared from an unauthorised settlement outpost. The size of the Jewish population of J&S now renders the concept of a two-state solution obsolete.
    Pray for settlements to continue and the population of this biblical heartland to increase.
  9. Social Media – every 83 seconds an anti-Semitic post is uploaded to social media – Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, blogs and other forums.
    Pray for continued exposure of social media forums that circulate this kind of hate material and harsh penalties for those who refuse to remove offensive posts and incitement.
  10. Passover – 11-17 April There are internal terrorist threats and Israel has warned against travel to Egypt’s Sinai region. Turkey and Jordan are also danger zones. The increased threat stems mainly from ISIS-related groups.
    Pray for peace, blessing and revelation of Jesus as the Passover Lamb as the Jews celebrate this special festival and also pray for the protection of Jews everywhere over the holiday period.

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