Israel Prayer & Praise Points – June 2018

Posted Monday June 04, 2018 by Shekinah Legacy

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“I will plant them in their land and no longer shall they be pulled up from the land I have given them” Amos 9:15

Aliyah Praise God that the Russian-Jewish billionaire owner of Chelsea football club, Roman Abramovich, has recently become an Israeli citizen. Pray for more to come – particularly those with significant financial resources. Pray that that bureaucracy will be simplified. Bless the organizations that help bring them home.

Politics A newly formed Jewish-Christian Party is to run in the next election. The Biblical Bloc represents parties who espouse Judeo-Christian, democratic Western culture. The vision is for a Christian representation in the Knesset and a renewed relationship between Jews and Christians in Israeli politics. Pray for their success.

Gaza violence The IDF struck over 35 Hamas and Islamic Jihad targets in the Gaza Strip last week as well as a tunnel that penetrated deep into Israeli territory during its response to a barrage of 60 rockets fired from Gaza. This attack on Israel has only served to show the world the truth. Praise God that no deaths occurred in Israel. Three soldiers were wounded. Praise also for condemnation from much of the international community including the US and the UK at the UN. The UN Security Council however refused to condemn it. The International Criminal Court declined a PA request to open an immediate investigation against Israel over Gaza deaths. Pray for peace and protection both here, in Judea and Samaria and particularly on the Northern border.

PA leadership vacuum One issue that may contribute to the Gaza violence is the question of Abbas’ health, and how much longer he will be able to lead the PA. There are indications of a power struggle going on and the mood is close to despair among the predominantly young population. Although the median age is 20 for Palestinians living in Judea & Samaria and 17 for those living in Gaza, the average age of new PLO committee members is 70. Partisan politics has failed to produce a younger generation of leaders, economic opportunities for youths or movement on the Palestinians’ ultimate goal of an independent state. Pray about leadership change.

Syria, Iran and Russia The relationship between these three and Israel is complex. Israel wants to stop Iran’s avowed intent to destroy her. Iran coordinates with Hezbollah and Hamas and provides a lot of money equipment and expertise. Both Russia and Iran have been propping up the Assad regime. Up to now Israel and Russia have been in tacit agreement. Israeli attacks on Iranian bases in Syria have caused Syria to want Iran to leave. The US is now working with Israel to prevent an Iranian takeover of Syria. Much is being said about Russia’s role in this region. Pray for lack of enemy unity and for Israel to know how far to trust Russian assistance.

UK Royal visit Prince William’s visit to Israel on 25th June will include Tel Aviv, Jerusalem and Ramallah. Please pray for his eyes to be open to the truth all the time he is there and the Holy Spirit will speak to him in a very real way.

UK Labour Party Jeremy Corbyn has said absolutely nothing about the rocket attacks against Israel, despite being among the first to condemn Israel during the recent violent protests at the Gaza border. Labour’s Shadow Foreign Secretary Emily Thornberry condemned the UK government’s decision to abstain from an anti-Israel resolution at the UN. Continue to pray against anti-semitism in the Labour Party.

USA The nuclear deal with Iran was not renewed. For a new deal to happen Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said Iran must completely dismantle its nuclear program, withdraw all of its forces from Syria, end its support for the Lebanon-based Hezbollah group and all terrorist organizations, stop sending arms to the Houthi militia in Yemen, release all USA and allied citizens it has detained, and cease its threats to destroy Israel. Barring a reversal of its aggressive stance, Pompeo said, Iran would be saddled with “the strongest sanctions in history.” Tehran swiftly rejected all demands. Pray for Donald Trump. The forces of evil are against him for his pro-life stance, his love for Israel, his actions against Iranian fraudulence and chemical warfare in Syria, and so many other issues that save lives.

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