Israel Prayer & Praise Points – July 2018

Posted Sunday July 15, 2018 by Shekinah Legacy

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“ … are you not our God who drove out the inhabitants of this land before your people Israel and gave it to the descendants of Abraham your friend forever?” (King Jehoshaphat) 2 Chronicles 20:7

Good News Israel now receives 20% of the total global private investment in cybersecurity. This is 200 times more than expected given that they are about one-tenth of 1% of the world’s population. Two Israeli start-up companies won a counter-terrorism technology competition sponsored by the Israeli and U.S. governments. Israel’s Sodastream, now based near the Gaza border, is using its employment model to show that coexistence between Jews and Arabs is possible as they celebrated the end of Ramadan together. Praise!!

Prince William’s visit to Israel went well although Israel objected to the wording of the official itinerary which described Jerusalem’s Old City and Western Wall as being in “Occupied Palestinian Territory”. The British ambassador to Israel, David Quarrey, defended the wording saying it was “consistent with British government policy.” Pray for government policy to be changed. Much was made of his visit to Israeli sites which included him praying at the Western Wall, and little of his visit to Ramallah during which he was shown a UN-run refugee camp and youths threw stones at his car – of course that was not reported in the mainstream media. Continue to pray for revelation of the truth regarding Israel for William and for the UK’s friendship with Israel to be increased.

Terrorist Attacks on Israel have increased 40% from May to June, many of these being firebombs and incendiary kites (or arson balloons) from Gaza causing immense damage to crops. PM Netanyahu instructed money to be deducted from the taxes collected by Israel on behalf of the PA in order to pay for the damage from fires. The IDF opened fire on Hamas operatives but at last a small drone has been developed to combat these. During the “March of Return” protests around 150 Palestinians were killed but they did not seem to achieve their objectives. The IDF has neutralized, for the first time, a naval terror tunnel belonging to Hamas. Praise for effective strategy to deal with attacks and pray for the people of Gaza (and the world) to realise the evil of their government.

Iran is experiencing big street protests against its regime because of the economic crisis caused by its defiant nuclear program and unrepentant support for Hamas and Hezbollah. It continues to invest billions in Syria, Gaza, Hezbollah, Palestinian Islamic Jihad, the Houthis in Yemen and Shiite militias in Iraq. The regime is likely to exit the 2015 nuclear deal soon because of lack of economic guarantees from remaining nations (China, Russia, France, the UK and Germany). PM Netanyahu has offered to help solve their water crisis. He is convinced that were the regime to fall, Iran would return to being a close and strong ally to the Jewish state, as it was prior to the Islamic Revolution in 1979. Pray for the Iranian people, most of who view Israel and the West with favour but are severely oppressed. Pray for strategies and means to overthrow the present administration. Pray also for the growing underground Church whose pastors and members are often imprisoned and savagely dealt with for their faith.

UK Al Quds March – Israel supporters turned out in force and succeeded in blocking the march which sadly included some ultra-Orthodox Jews who are anti-Zionist, for several hours. Home Secretary Sajid Javid has vowed to take steps to ban Hezbollah entirely in the UK later this year. Praise for this and pray it will happen.

United Nations For the first time in history, a majority voted to condemn Hamas’ recent actions. Shamefully, the head of the General Assembly refused to pass the motion using “procedural manoeuvres”. UK Ambassador Karen Pierce, who abstained in the final vote that followed, stood with the US and Israel. The US has withdrawn from the UN Human Rights Council in protest at their anti-Israel bias. This could have profound effect. Pray that strong voices continue to be heard at the UN on behalf of Israel and that God will bless the nations that support her.

Canada MPs are proposing that the government condemns Iran-backed terrorism directed against Israel and immediately ceases negotiations with Iran. This could mark a major change in government policy. Pray it will pass.

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