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The Shekinah Legacy was established in 2009 in recognition of the deep debt owed by Christians to the Jewish people.

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Current Projects

The Shekinah Legacy is working with multiple projects around the globe. Just some of the projects that they are involved in can be found by clicking on the Outreach Projects tab in the menu at the top of this page.

Other Projects

Shekinah Meetings

We run, host and support a variety of meetings, you can read more about these meetings under the Meetings and Events heading in the menu. You can also learn about upcoming events by viewing the latest posts in our blog.

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Netherlands Project

In the Netherlands, Shekinah is supporting the sourcing and collection of all manner humanitarian aid. This mainly consists of brand new goods from surrounding European countries. Shekinah assists to collate, sort and pack up the goods – first into a warehouse in Amsterdam and then into transport. The allocation and then transportation of the aid is processed quickly so that it reaches the nations that need it the most .

Netherlands Project

Ukraine Project

Shekinah’s work in the Ukraine is the Adopt a Family programme, connecting generous donors from around the world with the needy and desperate families in the Ukraine.

Because of the persecution to Jewish people in Eastern European nations, they are rescued, helped in every way possible, put-up in a safe are and prepared for their return to Israel.

Ukraine Project

Israel Project

Although working with and for Israel in many projects, Shekinah directly assists Israel by providing humanitarian aid where it is needed. Shekinah are committed to helping the Jewish people and helping them to return to the land of Israel.

Israel Project

Iraq and Syria Projects

In both Iraq and Syria, Shekinah team up with Jewish and Gentile teams alike to help out in the most hostile areas. The teams offer assistance in any way possible to the persecuted Christians along with others. What they are going through is not of their own doing, or their own fault – so Shekinah work to step in and show them that we do care.

Iraq and Syria Project




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Your support enables us to do the work that we do. Thanks to your donations, thousands of people around the world have received help through our projects. This work can only continue through your generous donations.

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