The Shekinah Legacy

The Shekinah Legacy is a UK charity working internationally providing humanitarian aid to relieve suffering and hardship experienced by many people living in difficult circumstances in the Middle East and around the world. It is our great pleasure to also provide aid to a number of childrens' homes where we help to make life a little easier for underprivileged youngsters.


What We Do

Humanitarian Aid

We work internationally to supply aid and relieve the hardship and suffering of people in need. READ MORE


Childrens' Homes

We provide clothing, equipment and practical support for children and those who care for them. READ MORE



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Support Us

We are immensely grateful for every donation we receive. Your generosity makes our work possible

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There's a whole number of ways you can partner with us both with financial donations and in practical ways such as fundraising, as a voluntary helper, in support groups or as a leader. There's something for everyone...



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Get Involved

There are numerous ways to get involved with Shekinah. Whatever your skills or abilities there will be something for you...   READ MORE



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Shekinah Band

The Shekinah Band is our in-house music team. They bring a unique sound as they perform at all our events and gatherings...   READ MORE