Who and Why

The Shekinah Legacy Trust was established in 2009. It was a drawing together – under one umbrella – of several different areas of humanitarian work connected with Israel and the Jewish People.

All of this activity flows from a heartfelt recognition of the deep debt of love and honour owed by Christians to the Jewish People, and of the need to take practical steps to work this out.

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What We Do

The Shekinah Legacy Trust is a charity primarily involved in facilitating the shipment of humanitarian aid to the underprivileged population of Israel via a local network of distribution centres, as well as to hard-pressed Jewish communities in several of the nations of the Former Soviet Union.

We also seek to assist with Aliyah – the return of the Jewish people to their homeland – as well as offering teaching opportunities for Christians to explore both the Biblical roots of their faith, and the place of Israel and the Jewish People in the purposes of God today.

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Get Involved

There are a variety of ways that you can become regularly involved in the work of The Shekinah Legacy Trust.

Whether that is through attendance and participation in our monthly prayer meetings – when we gather for worship and to intercede for Israel, the Jewish People and our own nation – through to helping us in our communication through social media by making your Facebook friends aware of us; or financially supporting us in the work that the God of Israel has called and tasked us to do.

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Help Support The Shekinah Legacy Trust

Your giving enables us to do the work that we believe the God of Israel has called us to do.
Thanks to your donations, we can offer ongoing help and support to hundreds of people in
some very needy situations. Please consider donating – together we can make a difference.

Please consider donating what you can, your donations really do make a difference.